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Posted on Nov 10, 2011 in Blog, In my Opinion! | 0 comments

My comment on classmates Blog


I read through your article and explored one of the blogs you found. I really could anticipate Ambrose Andrew’s blog entry: Virtual Reality Check: Remote Learning frustrations. Here is my comfort zone and I find it interesting reading these technical glitches when trying to present online trainings. The focus in the corporate world lies more in the fast delivery of content rather than exploring different ways of how we can educate our children and train them to utilize various learning skills. In an educational setting we dedicate more time towards thinking about metacognition and how autobiographical memory can actually contribute towards acquiring the skill of learning. As I had already mentioned in my discussion post, looking into specific needs of how the content can be processed in a way that it ‘sticks’,  as Dr. Ormrod says quite easily in her talk on processing the information.


Retrieved from: Course Materials Video Program: “Information Processing and the Brain” (Laureate Education, Inc.). Video Program: “Information Processing and Problem Solving (Laureate Education, Inc.).

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