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Posted on Nov 10, 2011 in Blog, In my Opinion! | 0 comments

Comment on The 3 Essential Questions Every Learner Wants Answered

Comment on The 3 Essential Questions Every Learner Wants Answered

Those who design elearning courses are the bridge between the client who has specific expectations and the learner who has to take the course.  Ideally, the learner has expectations but sometimes they take the course because they have to and not because it’s what they want to do.

Exerpt from: The Rapid eLearning Blog von tom the-3-essential-questions- every-learner-wants-answered/

My Comment:

Tina Nkobi    November 10th, 2011

Hi Tom,

As part of my coursework we were supposed to look through different blogs and I stumbled across yours. Even though this article is a few years back, it is still so useful!

We are currently discussing the use of blogs in an educational setting and as a supplementary learning tool. Browsing through your blog I have found so many useful tips and I had to quote you on my own blog, as the content of your blog is fantastic. This is real useful hands on experience.
I also believe the key success lies indeed in the motivation of the learner. I mean after all, we all can still remember how we used to moan about the delivery of content during our school years I believe in anticipating the expectation of the learner, can help me create a more meaningful relation to the content as well as the presentation.

The tips and tricks on your page are most professional and I am actually trying them out in my work as I have just finished compiling training for my co-workers. Here your technical tips on presentations are really helpful.

Well I have subscribed to the RSS-feed and I am following passionately as a new fan member. Thanks Tom, great stuff!


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